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Employers sent new RTI reminder
03 October 2013

Tens of thousands of employers who have failed to start using Real Time Information (RTI) payroll reporting are being urged to take action now.

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) wrote to around 167,000 employers in September who had missed one or more RTI deadlines for reporting PAYE.

HMRC said that if employers had not reported because they did not pay anyone, their PAYE scheme had closed or was no longer operating, they still needed to inform HMRC.

Ruth Owen, HMRC director general for personal tax, said: “Over 85 per cent of employers are now reporting PAYE in real time but our records show that 167,000 employers have yet to send us a PAYE submission.

“Reporting PAYE in real time makes it easier for employers to pay HMRC the right amount and avoid late payments and penalties.”

Meanwhile, HMRC is now analysing the results of an online survey seeking the views of employers on RTI, which was introduced in April this year and with which all employers must comply from April 2014.

The survey was originally due to close on 13 September but as a result of requests from employers and other interested parties, HMRC extended the deadline to 20 September.

Link: HMRC guidance on RTI

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